Believe In Yourself, Your Dreams Will Catch Up

Believe in yourself, your dreams will catch up.
Believe in yourself because you can.
Believe in yourself like your life depends on it.
Believe in yourself because you must.

Even if the world were to believe for you, it can’t.

Trust that what God placed inside of you is enough to get you through in life.

Treat self-belief as a civic duty.

Dedicate yourself to developing self-belief.

If not for yourself, do it for your dream.

Belief is immensely powerful because you can’t live beyond it. Even King Solomon said, “as a man thinketh, so is he.” That’s how powerful belief is.

Your dream is like a baby.

When you’re birthing a dream, you’re birthing an idea.

You and the dream are one.

You are the dream; the dream is you.

However, you aren’t supposed to stay pregnant.

Somewhere along the line, what’s inside eventually has to come out.

If you die, the dream will most likely die too.

The dream needs fuel.

Everywhere you go, it follows.

The dream will go as far as you go.

When the idea is born, you get the chance to be a mom.

To tend to your dream now that it’s an actual thing, a baby, your baby.

This baby needs you to grow.

Such is life.

Dreams are nurtured to maturity.

Nurture your dream by believing in yourself.

Nurture the gift, talent, and ability you possess to give it wings.

Then, sometimes, the dream becomes bigger than us.

When that happens, we have to look for help.

Get other people who believe in themselves too.

If you believe in yourself and your baby, you will do whatever it takes to see it through.

Belief gives you a reason to look forward to the day. It says that, ‘Although I feel tired, I can’t afford to give up. My dreams are bigger than this temporary ache.’

You can’t afford to wait for your dreams to materialize.

Believe in yourself first because you are the dream.

Your dream needs the fuel that only you can give it.

The dream is a vision, an idea that still needs to be worked to materialize.

Your dream needs you to believe in yourself.

So often, we give ourselves reasons to not believe in our talents, gifts, or chances of success because we are afraid to fail or to fall short.

We discredit ourselves by talking ourselves out of doing what we need to do to be the individuals we want to be.

It’s so much easier to doubt ourselves than to believe in ourselves, perhaps because we are too conscious of our weaknesses and shortcomings.

But that should not stop us from believing in who we are, who we can be, and what we want to do.

Olivia Fox Cabane said, “What the mind believes, the body manifests”. It’s very true. It’s up to you to believe in yourself.

Believe you are enough.

Believe that you’re up to the task.

Be your own biggest fan.

If you’re going to fail, fail trying.




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